☠ PS4 WebKit Exploit 5.05 (PoC) by ALEXZZZ9 – Kernel Exploit 4.55 Code by qwertyoruiop and Exploit Implementation by Specter

Today a new Hack for PS4 Firmware 4.55 and 5.01 was released by several Scene Developers.

After the 4.05 Kernel Exploit the Scene exploded and many more people worked on Payloads and stuff to improve the Hack.

Hacker qwertyoruiop released the BPF Kernel Exploit for 4.55 and only a few hours later Developer Specter released a full Exploit implementation (userland + kernel).

And that’s not all, Developer ALEXZZZ9 released a 5.01 WebKit Exploit PoC (Proof of Concept) which work also on Firmware 5.05 and 5.50 Beta 3.

PS4Brew 4.55 and WebKit 5.01-5.05 (PoC) hosted on

04.550.000_PS4UPDATE.PUP -> Download

Decrypted/Unpacked FW 4.55 (system_fs_image) -> Download

Specter’s Exploit Write Up

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3

☠ PS4 Kernel Exploit [4.05] Code by fail0verflow – Implementation/Exploit by Specter

PS4 Hackers and Developers worked hard to find vulnerabilities in higher Firmwares than 1.76.

They decided to share their knowledge public to obtain a Kernel Exploit on 4.05. Team fail0verflow released the code with information on their Blog for the Scene (interesting for Developers with the neccessary skills).

Specter worked hard with the code and has created a WebKit Page (Binloader) with the implemented namedobj Exploit for Firmware 4.05 to send Payloads (.bin files) to the PS4.

Zecoxao shared a 3.55 Kernel Dump and Developer Wildcard will port the Exploit to FW 3.55 soon.

Open WebKit Exploit Links on your 4.05 PS4. You find Specter’s Page on SCE.Party as well.

Specter’s Payload: Debug Settings


04.050.000_PS4UPDATE.PUP -> PS4_DEV

Source 1 | Source 2

PS4_DEV – Tools and File Collection for your PlayStation 4

nas – Proxima – flatz – CTurt – Red-EyeX32 – SKFU – fail0verflow – bigboss – Zer0xFF – kR105 – fx0day – Specter – Fire30 – m0rph3us1987 – lezek20 – ds4user – maxtron – harlequin – Wildcard – zecoxao – zil0g80 – j0lama – qwertyoruiopz – 2much4u – MsKx – idc – masterzorag – Tuxick – ZeraTron – TheoryWrong – Dev_Shootz – Tustin – 0x199

Files: 115 | Size: 8,8 GB


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Apr 23 2018


PS4 4.55 Database Mod – Add your Homebrew Apps in a Custom System Folder

Custom Homebrew Folder

Database Mod: you can move your installed PKGs in a custom system folder if you edit the Database (app.db).

1. tbl_appbrowse: change dispLocation -> 6
2. tbl_appinfo: change _contents_location -> 2

Restart your PS4 after you have copied the modified app.db

Apr 22 2018


PS4 4.55 ESP8266 Mod by e✘treme

PlayStation 4 Design Mod v1.2

I have integrated the ESP8266 in my custom PS4. nothing special, just want to show the place where the board fits.


Mrz 11 2018


Custom Home Menu – PS4 UI Mod 0.18 alpha by e✘treme

Custom Home Menu (Visual)
Database Mod + Custom Theme

UI Mod: Custom Title / Custom Content Icons / Custom App Location

Theme: Custom bgm / Custom Function Icons / Custom Text Color

Mrz 10 2018


PS4 Custom Theme – Resident Evil VII Theme by e✘treme

Custom Resident Evil VII Theme for PlayStation 4 (4.05/4.55)


Mrz 09 2018


PS4 Custom Theme – 18 Karat Theme by e✘treme

Für alle 18 Karat Fans gibt es zum neuen Album „Geld Gold Gras“ das passende Design für die PlayStation 4 (4.05/4.55)


18 Karat’s Album „Geld Gold Gras“ wurde heute veröffentlicht.

Mrz 09 2018


Another PS4 Pro Water Cooling Mod by Fosi

PS4 Modder Fosi worked on another watercooled PS4 Pro for a customer.

Fosi has a contact who can cut nearly everything with laser technology, no handwork anymore 🙂

Mrz 09 2018


multiMAN in Development for PS4

If you was a part of the PS3 Scene you know famous Developer deanK and his multiMAN Homebrew.
His new project is related to PS4 and he stated that multiMAN is in work but it will be not the same like on PS3. deanK will try to figure out some useful things to implement.


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