☠ PS4 Kernel Exploit [4.05] Code by fail0verflow – Implementation/Exploit by Specter

PS4 Hackers and Developers worked hard to find vulnerabilities in higher Firmwares than 1.76.

They decided to share their knowledge public to obtain a Kernel Exploit on 4.05. Team fail0verflow released the code with information on their Blog for the Scene (interesting for Developers with the neccessary skills).

Specter worked hard with the code and has created a WebKit Page (Binloader) with the implemented namedobj Exploit for Firmware 4.05 to send Payloads (.bin files) to the PS4.

Zecoxao shared a 3.55 Kernel Dump and Developer Wildcard will port the Exploit to FW 3.55 soon.

Open WebKit Exploit Links on your 4.05 PS4. You find Specter’s Page on SCE.Party as well.

Specter’s Payload: Debug Settings


04.050.000_PS4UPDATE.PUP -> PS4_DEV

Source 1 | Source 2

PS4 ORBIS HACK – Sony Fail…They did it again ! Public Exploits for 1.76 – Mod Your PlayStation 4 Console ☠

Seit letztem Jahr ist bekannt, dass die PlayStation 4 gehackt ist. Wer seine Konsole modden möchte, muss ein System mit Firmware 1.76 besitzen und kann über die veröffentlichten Exploits Zugriff erlangen.

Der WebKit Exploit ermöglicht Zugang zum System und der Kernel Exploit manipuliert das System um es zu modifizieren.
Info: Der Kernel Exploit muss noch vervollständigt werden.



WebKit Exploit by nas and Proxima

BadIRET Kernel Exploit by flatz and CTurt


Darauf hat die PS4 Szene gewartet, es hat keine 2 Jahre gedauert bis die NextGen Konsole von Sony gehackt und das System manipuliert wurde. Das ist ein großes Problem für den Konzern, auch wenn vorerst noch kein Hack auf der aktuellsten Firmware möglich ist, weiß man nicht was dagegen unternommen wird.

PS4_DEV – Tools and File Collection for your PlayStation 4

nas – Proxima – flatz – CTurt – Red-EyeX32 – SKFU – fail0verflow – bigboss – Zer0xFF – kR105 – fx0day – Specter – Fire30 – m0rph3us1987 – lezek20 – ds4user – maxtron – harlequin – Wildcard – zecoxao – zil0g80 – j0lama – qwertyoruiopz – 2much4u – MsKx – idc – masterzorag – Tuxick – ZeraTron – TheoryWrong – Dev_Shootz – Tustin – 0x199

Files: 115 | Size: 8,8 GB


e✘treme Modding Forum – PS4 Scene Board

Das neue Forum für die Community ist online !

Es befindet sich inhaltlich noch im Aufbau, wenn du helfen möchtest hast du die Möglichkeit uns als Moderator zu unterstützen. Jeder ist herzlich willkommen, wir wünschen viel Spaß.

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PS4 e✘treme Modding – This is for the Modders


Every Modder can show PS4 Modifications here and present own work.

Jeder Modder kann PS4 Modifikationen hier zeigen und eigene Arbeit präsentieren.


Feb 03 2018


PS4 Fake Package Database

A lot of people are dumping their PS4 Games and have created Fake PKGs for the Scene.

In this Database you find PS4 Games, PS2 Games, Apps, Homebrew and Themes to run on a 4.05 PS4. I have used the CUSA Lookup to get infos about each PKG. Thanks to all people who have created Fake PKGs.

>> Database <<

Feb 01 2018


PS4 4.05 Game Modding – GTA V Mod Menus by AlFaMODz, CMT Frosty and ArabicGuy

After the update of 2much4u’s GTA V Native Caller we see 3 Mod Menus for Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 Firmware 4.05. The Developers and Modders released their Mod Menus as a Payload, to inject via Specter’s Exploit (Binloader).


Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3

Jan 30 2018


PS4 4.05 Database Mod – Run your installed Fake PKGs on USB or BD

If you want to play your installed Fake PKGs on USB or BD you just have to copy a few files and edit the Database. It’s nothing new but now with a detailed tutorial for 4.05 users.

Of course it’s not hard if you understand how the Database work, just follow the steps of my Tutorial below.


Tutorial for USB method

1. Enable Debug Settings and install all Fake PKGs you want to play
2. Connect your PS4 via FTP to your PC and dump the Database (/system_data/priv/mms/app.db)
3. Copy the app folder (/user/app) to your USB device and rename it to GAMES

Or you can create the GAMES folder on the USB device, add the ID folder (CUSAxxxxx), rename the pkg (you have installed and which is already on the USB device) to app.pkg and move it in this folder (/GAMES/CUSAxxxxx/app.pkg).

Database Mod:
Now you have to edit the app.db to change the path to your app.pkg on /GAMES/CUSAxxxxx
Example (CUSA03842):
1. Change _org_path (/user/app/CUSA03842) to /mnt/usb0/GAMES/CUSA03842

2. Copy your modified app.db back via FTP (/system_data/priv/mms/) and restart the PS4

Now you can run your Games on USB.

If you want to run a PKG on a BD Disc you have to burn the app.pkg to a writeable disc (/GAMES/CUSAxxxxx/app.pkg) (only tested with a bd-rw). The _org_path for the Database is /mnt/disc/GAMES/CUSAxxxxx.

Jan 27 2018


Simple PS4 WebKit Playground for 4.05

Here comes a simple Playground (webpage) for the 4.05 which contain the Binloader, the HEN (Homebrew Enabler with Debug Settings)
and a FTP Server to dump and decrypt Games.

Note: I have tested it with a Proxy and it work fine with the Direct-Link redirection.

Credits: Thx to qwertyoruiopz for the WebKit Exploit. Thx to Specter for the 4.05 Kernel Exploit and Binloader. Thx to idc for editing the Exploit. Thx to Wildcard for the HEN implementation. Thx to Vortex for HEN webpage the new FTPS4.


Jan 26 2018


PS4 4.05 Homebrew – SNES Station Emulator by Nominus

Super Nintendo Emulator with 10 Roms on PlayStation 4.

Developer 0x199 has compiled a Fake PKG of the SNES Station which was made by Nominus.


yyoossk shows a video running Super Mario World on 4.05.


Jan 19 2018


PS4 4.05 Custom Theme – UI Mod™ Theme for alpha 0.17 by e✘treme

Custom Theme for Visual PS4 UI Mod – Custom Home Menu

Now you can use a Theme for the PS4 UI Mod on 4.05.

It’s still a Database modification and you have to edit your own app.db. I have created the Theme with the sample which yyoossk has shared and the sound (BGM) of another theme which 0x199 has shared.

1. Rebuild the Database
2. Install testapp.pkg
3. Dump and edit your app.db
4. Install the Theme

Note: You have to execute the HEN payload after every reboot to use the Custom Theme


Jan 17 2018


PS4 Homebrew Enabler – Install and run Fake PKGs on 4.05

PS4 Hackers and Developers found a way to run Fake PKGs (fself) on a hackable PlayStation 4.

flatz has shared a write up of his PKG method for Firmware 4.55 a while ago, since yesterday it’s user friendly for the community.

It was a lot of work for Wildcard who worked on the fself implementation with the help of Zecoxao, bigboss and idc.
Wildcard released a compiled Payload (PS4HEN) for 4.05 which enable Full Debug Settings to install Fake and Debug PKGs and to unlock those installed Fake Packages.

Zecoxao shared the testapp.pkg (Hello World Fake PKG) and yyoossk shared a sample
of the first PS4 Custom Theme (Video via Source 3).

It is the begin of the PS4 Homebrew Scene.


Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3

Jan 15 2018


PS4 4.05 Payload Packet

Activate Web Browser – FTP Server – Debug Settings – Linux – GTA V Mods

This Payload Packet contains 17 Payloads (.bin files) for PS4 Firmware 4.05. Open the Binloader on the PS4 and just send the Payload by running a .bat file. You only have to add your PS4 Ip in the .bat files and the .bin file will be send to your PS4 via netcat.

Thanks to all who compiled the Payloads.


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