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  1. Homebrew on FW 5.01 – Custom PKG – PS4 Gearsystem Emulator by m0rph3us1987 — 10. Dezember 2017
  2. GTA V Mod – Firebreather PS4 Mod Port by 0x199 — 2. Dezember 2017
  3. PS4 GameDump Title Editor by Ginsor — 27. November 2017
  4. Hidden System Information on Firmware 5.01 — 19. November 2017
  5. Custom Water Cooled PS4 Pro System by Jmagg2234 — 15. November 2017

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Dez 10 2017


Homebrew on FW 5.01 – Custom PKG – PS4 Gearsystem Emulator by m0rph3us1987

We have seen the installation of custom PKGs on PS4 Firmware 5.xx by flat_z already and now m0rph3us1987 showed a video of running a Homebrew Emulator PKG. Since the Developers have Kernel Access on higher Firmware’s than 1.76, they have worked on a method to create and run custom PKGs. It seems their Debug Settings …

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Dez 02 2017


GTA V Mod – Firebreather PS4 Mod Port by 0x199

The Firebreather Mod for Grand Theft Auto V was developed for PC by Kokolaty.    Developer 0x199 ported the Mod to PS4 with the help by 2much4u and seb5594. To use the Firebreather Mod on PS4 you still need 1.76. Visit our partnersite SCE.Party to load the Mod. Source

Nov 27 2017


PS4 GameDump Title Editor by Ginsor

Today Ginsor has released a new Editor for the GameDump Payload to change the Title ID. This might be very interesting for those, who can’t compile their own payloads, as you can use that tool to adjust the payload to the Title ID of the game you want to backup. He made this handy tool …

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Nov 19 2017


Hidden System Information on Firmware 5.01

The button combo for the hidden System Information is already known. Today we figured out that more entries are show up if you do various things in User Interface. You can enable more hidden entries, just go to Settings -> System -> System Information and hold L1 + L3 + Triangle for 7 seconds, then …

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Nov 15 2017


Custom Water Cooled PS4 Pro System by Jmagg2234

PS4 Modder Jmagg2234 worked since months on his Watercooled PS4 Pro Mod. He did an awesome job and has build the hardware components in a custom case. The God of War Design looks professional, clean and very beautiful 😎 Watch his current video (part 4) and stay tuned for the next video.   Jmagg2234 has …

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Nov 13 2017


PS4 Pro LED Mod – Rainbow Six Design by p.support70

On ebay is a custom PS4 Pro with a plexiglass window LED Mod for sale. The Design looks very clean, you can see the inside on top of the console and on bottom is a nice ornament. Source

Nov 11 2017


OrbisTitleMetadataDatabase Tool by Red-EyeX32

Developer Red-EyeX32 released his new Metadata Database Tool for PS4 Titles. You can find some information about the PKG and the playstation.net links of the Icon, Background Image and Background Music. Source

Nov 08 2017


Open Playground via User’s Guide

Today I show a method to open the Playground via the User’s Guide on PS4. If your PS4 never was connected to PSN the Internet Browser is deactivated and the only way is the User’s Guide in Settings Menu.   So the method is nothing new and can use a Proxy to redirect as well …

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