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  1. PS4 UI Mod™ alpha 0.12 – Custom Home Menu by e✘treme — 15. Oktober 2017
  2. PS4 1.76 Backup List — 12. Oktober 2017
  3. Homebrew (libOrbis) for 1.76 – WIP Showcase by TheoryWrong & ZeraTron — 11. Oktober 2017
  4. PS4 1.76 Game Mod – Custom Cracktro by e✘treme — 5. Oktober 2017
  5. New Partnersite – SCE.Party (Public PS4 Resources) — 2. Oktober 2017

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Okt 15 2017


PS4 UI Mod™ alpha 0.12 – Custom Home Menu by e✘treme

Since we can load Backups/Homebrew on PS4 Firmware 1.76 a Custom Home Menu is useful now. In version 0.12 alpha you see a installed Disc Game as GAME™ Launcher and OMSK as HOMEBREW™ Loader. ★APP_Home(data) is just the Playroom to load Backup Games. ★Debug Settings still has no function.

Okt 12 2017


PS4 1.76 Backup List

Check out the new Game Backup List, you find the link on our partnersite SCE.Party.

Okt 11 2017


Homebrew (libOrbis) for 1.76 – WIP Showcase by TheoryWrong & ZeraTron

Developer bigboss aka psxdev has opened the door for the PS4 Homebrew Community and showed a PoC of the first real Homebrew on a 1.76 Retail PS4 😎 ZeraTron finally got it to work with help by TheoryWrong and shared a video of the first useful Homebrew. This text based GUI shows the full PSID/IDPS …

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Okt 05 2017


PS4 1.76 Game Mod – Custom Cracktro by e✘treme

Since we can run Backups on PS4 1.76 it’s possible to modify the Game Files. I have found some .bik files in the videos folder of a Game Backup (CUSA00009-[Assassins Creed IV – Black Flag]), so I changed one file with my Custom Cracktro, watch the video 😉

Okt 02 2017


New Partnersite – SCE.Party (Public PS4 Resources)

Security researcher 0x199 created a new website to host the latest public PS4 resources of tutorials, exploits and homebrew after Sony blocked PS4 e✘treme Modding on PS4 1.76. Check out the Advanced WebKit Playground for 1.76 of our new partnersite SCE.Party 😉

Sep 19 2017


1.76 Payload – Run Your Decrypted PS4 Game Backup on Retail ☠

Since over 2 years Sony’s PlayStation 4 was hacked. We have seen some Payloads to mod on Firmware 1.76 but now it’s time to load your Game Backups 🙂   In the past PS4 Developers found a method to load Backups on a DevKit/TestKit console and now they have found a way for 1.76 Retail …

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Sep 10 2017


PS4 Slim Watercooled – Case Mod by Fosi

  The new Watercooled PS4 Slim by Fosi is finish. We have seen many cool Mods, you might like his awesome Design.

Sep 02 2017


PS4-AIO – All In One Tool for 1.76 by MODDED WARFARE

PS4 Modder MODDED WARFARE has released a new Mod Tool for 1.76. He has worked with XexSolutions to create a All In One Tool which combined very useful stuff.   Console Tools Payload Injector Mod Menu Injector FTP Browser Package Merging Tool UI Editor Peek Poke Tool Peek and Poke Memory Dump Window to file …

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