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May 22 2018


Fosi’s last modded PS4

Fosi made a lot of Customizations and Modifications on the PS4, PS4 Slim and on PS4 Pro. His new Watercooled PS4 Pro is at the same time his last PS4 Case Mod. @Fosi du hast tolle und beeindruckende PS4 Konsolen gezeigt. Deine Arbeit hat mir von Anfang an gefallen, danke für deine Beiträge auf PS4 …

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Apr 22 2018


PS4 4.55 ESP8266 Mod by e✘treme

PlayStation 4 Design Mod v1.2 I have integrated the ESP8266 in my custom PS4. nothing special, just want to show the place where the board fits.   

Mar 09 2018


Another PS4 Pro Water Cooling Mod by Fosi

PS4 Modder Fosi worked on another watercooled PS4 Pro for a customer. Fosi has a contact who can cut nearly everything with laser technology, no handwork anymore 🙂

Jan 05 2018

Green Ranger PS4 Mod by Raymondd

Hello there! This was my first attempt at console modification. It turned out so well that I figured I should share it. What I did: Replaced the stock internal fan with a quieter more efficient fan ,cut an air intake on the bottom and installed a dust filter. Cut two holes over the motherboard. One …

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Jan 03 2018

PlayStation 4 Water Modding by BariliuM

Моддинг игровой консоли sony playstation 4, с использованием помпы aquacomputer aquastream ultimate, фитинги Barrow , вентиляторы и жидкость – EKWB 

Dec 02 2017


PlayStation 4 Pro Casemod by SunModZ

So nach meiner normalen Ps4, war jetzt die Pro dran. Design hab Ich schlicht gehalten so daß es zum Thema passt und harmoniert. Hitman Design mit Leuchtenden Logo und Lüfter. Hier noch ein Video zum Werk viel Spaß  

Nov 13 2017


PS4 Pro LED Mod – Rainbow Six Design by p.support70

On ebay is a custom PS4 Pro with a plexiglass window LED Mod for sale. The Design looks very clean, you can see the inside on top of the console and on bottom is a nice ornament. Source

Sep 10 2017


PS4 Slim Watercooled – Case Mod by Fosi

  The new Watercooled PS4 Slim by Fosi is finish. We have seen many cool Mods, you might like his awesome Design.

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