Okt 07 2015


First Custom PS4 Package – Hello World Test App by e✘treme

This is the first custom PKG for PS4.

It was created with the Test-App of the SDK, so you need a DUH DevKit PS4 console to install and run this package file.


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  1. eXtreme

    Info: Installing the package can be done either via a test kit, or by setting a dev kit’s Release Check Mode to Release Mode instead of Development Mode. This can be found in Settings -> Debug Settings. Please note: this will temporarily prevent you from running executable files (.self) directly until this is reset back to Development Mode.

  2. Doktor_Robotnik

    Ist im Moment für normale User mit einer Retail Konsole nutzlos.

    Ausserdem besteht Bann Gefahr!

  3. eXtreme

    Ja ist nur für Entwickler mit Debug Konsolen nutzbar.

    Woher weißt du, dass durch das Installieren einer solchen PKG eine Banngefahr besteht ? Ich denke eher nicht, weil man auf Entwickler-Konsolen standardmäßig Packages installieren kann und da diese mit dem offiziellen Sony SDK erstellt ist kann Sony nichts machen.

  4. e✘treme

    Gestern wurde ein Video veröffentlicht, in dem die Installation dieser PKG auf einer Testkit (DUH-T1000AA) DEX 3.50 Firmware gezeigt wird 🙂 Ob sich die App auch starten lässt weiß ich leider immer noch nicht.

  5. e✘treme

    Man kann die PKG jetzt mit den neuen DevKit Debug Settings auf einer Retail PS4 installieren, bedeutet alle Debug PKGs können installiert werden. Unter Entitlement Control sieht man die installierten Apps/Games. Es wird aber noch ein Payload benötigt, der wahrscheinlich eine .ddl Datei ändert, um Retail PKGs (ohne Lizens (rif)) zu starten.

  6. e✘treme

    Debug PKG installation + fself support on retail is working tnx to @flat_z

    Source -> m0rph3us1987

  7. Gasolino


    si può mettere su una console al dettaglio 1.76 senza accesso al psn??

  8. e✘treme

    A 1.76 non puoi entrare nel PSN.

    By the way, can you please post in english language.

  9. Gasolino

    from now on I will write in English
    I have a ps4 retail console on 1.76, he never went to psn I did everything possible:
    unlock the browser
    UI mod menu with GTAV and AW folders
    decrypted backups with the elf system work, but some are limited to type DRIVECLUB
    I wanted to ask you there is a system to unlock the PSN functionality, such as an updateblocker working on ps4
    and possibly a system to run unlicensed pkgs
    thank you very much for everything you do soon

  10. e✘treme

    So there is no public method to connect a modified PS4 with low Firmware to PSN. And Sony would ban the console immediately.

    The russian PS4 Hacker flatz has a method to run PKGs without license and he stated he will release a write up soon. I don’t know exactly if the method is to repack/generate custom PKGs or if it is for a Payload to enable a full DevKit PS4.

    We can generate and install Debug PKGs on 1.76 already but we have to wait for the method.

    Ps: Here you can find a list to see which backups run in trial mode and as full games -> PS4 1.76 Backup List

  11. Gasolino

    OK, I’m waiting for the news
    i know sony ban the console, but i want to unlock just the features like the browser for which there is a payload, i do not use psn also because i have another console on 5.00 fully working
    all right
    thank you and I look forward to news

  12. e✘treme

    NPXX51150_TEST_APP_HELLO_WORLD_0.01_[DEBUG].pkg installed on TestKit (by 0x199) but it need a PSN connection to run.

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