Jul 23 2017


Fully Enabled Debug Settings – 1.76 Payload by j0lama – Update

Last year PS4 Developers (flat_z and CTurt) found the code to enable the Debug Settings on 1.76 Retail Consoles. Developer j0lama shared a Payload to enable full Debug Settings. You can also have more options by loading two Kernel Exploits (Payloads). First execute j0lama’s Patch and then the Dlclose Payload to enable the Advanced Dev Menu.

Be careful, do not change the boot mode, could brick your PS4 !

Update: j0lama has build a new Payload with the help from sealab. Now we don’t need the Dlclose Payload anymore to enable the advanced (DevKit) Debug Settings.



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  1. e✘treme

    j0lama has worked on the Payload with the help from sealab. Version 2 should be available soon to load more Debug Settings (seems the wrong file is online atm).

    Thanks to Figure03 for sharing the button combo:

    holding L1 + L3 + Triangle for 7 seconds, then press DPad Up + Options to activate more infos in Systeminformation.

  2. Figure03

    I thank very much for coollaboration..

  3. e✘treme

    Now he has uploaded the right file 🙂

    Same settings you can see in my video with Boot Parameters but still nothing in Entitlement control.

  4. zbugolabig

    how to install?

  5. e✘treme

    You can use the NetCat tool to send the Payload (.bin). Very simple with this .bat file (you only have to add your PS4 IP).

    PS4 1.76 Payload Packet – Easy Code Execution

  6. e✘treme

    zecoxao has shared a all-in-one Payload to enable the full working DevKit Debug Settings, better FTP connection and a 5.00 Memory (Firmware) Spoof. He also has posted a very good tutorial on our partnersite PlayStationHax for those who still don’t understand how to edit a Payload.

  7. e✘treme

    We have not managed to run PKGs yet, what you see in the video is just a test for activating/deactivating installed apps via the new DevKit Debug Settings. Ginsor has found out how to show every pkg in Entitlement Control. Check my video but don’t expect something, we have to test more.

  8. ZeraTron

    Wow, that’s pretty cool ! I hope it will lead to something useful and working 🙂
    By my side, I have a problem with Pkg’s installation, I own a retail 1.76, and use J0lama’s payload + your playground. When I try to install a pkg, the screen freeze like 2s on the transition between the menu and the installation screen, then a CE-30005-8 „An error as occured.“ pop out from nowhere, tested with many pkg from your db. If anyone can solve this, it would be great. 🙂

  9. e✘treme

    @ZeraTron I don’t know what cause your problem if the debug settings work. I would say maybe you try to install a pkg from a burned disc or from another usb device.

    We have tested a lot the last night/day but we still don’t have managed to run any pkg (only omsk and the preinstalled playroom). I have edited something in the app.db and deleted/changed some files and it seem to be a method to convert a installed disc game to a psn game. The game still has the damned lock and it say another version is installed so I can’t launch the game even if the disc is inside the drive.

  10. e✘treme

    Interesting info about the Entitlement Control which we can use with the DevKit Debug Settings.

    We have found out that activation and deactivation change the .idx of the license (rif). If you want to show up any installed PKG/installed Disc in Entitlement Control you only have to rename the .idx/.rif files with „fake“. If you restart your console (no DevKit Debug Settings enabled), you can unlock the app by rename it with „free“.

  11. Taddeus

    I need your help! I have a PS4 CUH 1004A with firmware 5.01 which is in IDU mode. I tried to unlock the debug settings, which i did not suceed. How can I enable debug setings? When i start playground code execution, that not works. Please I need your help!
     I have reinstalled the PS4, and the IDU update the Internet connection disconnected. Now firmware 5.01 is installed without OMSK. Then with button combo in Staff mode. only what musst I do now to activate the debug settings? My PS4 is a CUH 1004A whit Firmware 5.01. Can anybody help me?

  12. e✘treme

    Was the PS4 on 1.76 or how did you get stuck in IDU mode ?

    The only way I know is on 1.76 with the Playground. So you have to wait for a public Exploit on Firmware 5.01.

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