Homebrew (libOrbis) for 1.76 – WIP Showcase by TheoryWrong & ZeraTron

Developer bigboss aka psxdev has opened the door for the PS4 Homebrew Community and showed a PoC of the first real Homebrew on a 1.76 Retail PS4 😎

ZeraTron finally got it to work with help by TheoryWrong and shared a video of the first useful Homebrew. This text based GUI shows the full PSID/IDPS of the console.

Homebrew WIP showcase by ZeraTron


– Render text
– Render colors separately for BG, FG, fontBG, fontFG
– Display PSID/IDPS
– List all active processes

libOrbis – Libraries and samples for PlayStation 4 – GitHub

Method: the kernel_hooks Payload use nmount (developed by Wildcard) to mount another folder instead of the original. With libOrbis it’s possible to use this progress to load Homebrew.




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4 thoughts on “Homebrew (libOrbis) for 1.76 – WIP Showcase by TheoryWrong & ZeraTron

  • e✘treme
    11. October 2017 at 3:48

    This is very cool progress in the PS4 scene and hopefully lead to nice Homebrew like a System-Temperature App or even a Super Nintendo Emulator.

    Big thanks to all involved sceners, a great beginning 🙂

  • e✘treme
    20. October 2017 at 10:26

    The eboot_plugin is the sample and only need an eboot.bin and sce_module folder of a backup to run via khooks from USB. Thanks to ZeraTron for this nice Homebrew, works fine.

  • e✘treme
    25. October 2017 at 18:51

    I have created the smallest Backup for Homebrew, it’s only 1,29 MB. Just copy your compiled eboot_plugin to the Backup.

    Download -> Homebrew Backup

  • e✘treme
    3. December 2017 at 1:42

    Buzzer Sample by masterzorag (shows 5 different beep tone PS4 can do).

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