Okt 02 2017


New Partnersite – SCE.Party (Public PS4 Resources)

Security researcher 0x199 created a new website to host the latest public PS4 resources of tutorials, exploits and homebrew after Sony blocked PS4 e✘treme Modding on PS4 1.76.

Check out the Advanced WebKit Playground for 1.76 of our new partnersite SCE.Party 😉

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  1. e✘treme

    A useful new site for 1.76 users. I like the Advanced Playground and will use it, thanks to 0x199 🙂

  2. arrevunella

    Why can I access your playground from pc but not from ps4? Can I do it using a proxy server?

  3. e✘treme

    Ask Sony, they have blocked my whole site on all 1.76 PS4 consoles because they don’t want that we use the integrated ELF Loader (Custom Playground) to play Backups. You can try it with Charles or simply use the new Advanced Playground.

    Anyway Sony is stupid, we can use the ELF Loader local from PC, so it was not neccessary to block my site.

  4. 0x199

    Awesome. 🙂

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