Aug 21 2017


PS4 1.76 Database Mod – Run your installed PKGs on USB HDD

You can run your installed Apps and Games from USB HDD 😉
I have tested it with OMSK, it’s simple. Install OMSK PKG, copy user/app/NPXS29005 on your USB device (FAT32/exFAT) and delete the folder (NPXS29005) on your PS4 HDD afterwards.

With the Database we can mod a few things in our Home Menu, so you have to edit table „tbl_appinfo“ and search for the title_Id (NPXS29005). Change _org_path to /mnt/usb0/user/app/NPXS29005, that’s all. Now you can run the App only if you plug in your USB device.

Just a solution for people who have a small hard drive in their PS4 😉

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  1. e✘treme

    Info: If you copy your installed Disc Games to external HDD, you still need the original Disc to run them. Of course you need the right rif to run installed/copied PKGs.

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