Jan 30 2018


PS4 4.05 Database Mod – Run your installed Fake PKGs on USB or BD

If you want to play your installed Fake PKGs on USB or BD you just have to copy a few files and edit the Database. It’s nothing new but now with a detailed tutorial for 4.05 users.

Of course it’s not hard if you understand how the Database work, just follow the steps of my Tutorial below.


Tutorial for USB method

1. Enable Debug Settings and install all Fake PKGs you want to play
2. Connect your PS4 via FTP to your PC and dump the Database (/system_data/priv/mms/app.db)
3. Copy the app folder (/user/app) to your USB device and rename it to GAMES

Or you can create the GAMES folder on the USB device, add the ID folder (CUSAxxxxx), rename the pkg (you have installed and which is already on the USB device) to app.pkg and move it in this folder (/GAMES/CUSAxxxxx/app.pkg).

Database Mod:
Now you have to edit the app.db to change the path to your app.pkg on /GAMES/CUSAxxxxx
Example (CUSA03842):
1. Change _org_path (/user/app/CUSA03842) to /mnt/usb0/GAMES/CUSA03842

2. Copy your modified app.db back via FTP (/system_data/priv/mms/) and restart the PS4

Now you can run your Games on USB.

If you want to run a PKG on a BD Disc you have to burn the app.pkg to a writeable disc (/GAMES/CUSAxxxxx/app.pkg) (only tested with a bd-rw). The _org_path for the Database is /mnt/disc/GAMES/CUSAxxxxx.


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  1. mohammad_fadel1987@

    thank you


  2. arrevunella

    Hi, I read your guide around the net, I came to thank you 🙂

  3. usuarioxxx

    thanks good work!

  4. e✘treme

    Sorry guys, I have made a mistake and edited the tutorial because the method doesn’t work if you delete the app.pkg on internal hdd. I have tested it with OMSK on 1.76 and it worked but it seem they changed something. The Games only run on USB if you do not delete it on internal hdd so it is not useful 🙁

  5. tester99

    anyone having more infos about the app.db ?
    (_contents_ext_type, _contents_location, _current_slot, _path_info, _path_info_2, …)

    or anyone succeded in enablig extend disk in the debug menu ?

  6. e✘treme

    _contents_location is related to dispLocation. If you want to add an installed PKG to TV & Video category you have to edit _contents_location -> 2 and dispLocation -> 6.

    Might be another edit in the Database to run PKGs on USB after deleting the app.pkg on internal hdd (maybe it’s just _contents_ext_type).

  7. tester99

    workaround payload in test

  8. gabs73

    Thanks for the tutorial it works for me,

    but I can not launch it if I do not like app.pkg of the hard drive I even put an app.pkg
    to make him believe that the game is still present on the hard drive.

    if it works for you can you explain how did you do,because the idea of ​​making
    it work on the external hard drive is especially to gain space on the internal…

    it’s still incredible that even asking at the console to go get it on the usb
    she still needs to see it on the record there is something on a trick to overcome this
    can you tell me about your experience ,
    it would be an ultimate solution for the moment for PS4 slim limited to 2 to thanks to keep me informed

    in pv : gabs73@msn.com


  9. e✘treme

    I have tested the payload and it’s working great. You can send a .bin file to dump the pkg on usb and run it without Database Mod. But it’s exactly the same, after deleting the app.pkg on internal it doesn’t run the app.pkg on usb.

    Anyway good work, the developers think about a release, 0.5 works just fine and stable after 1 test.

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