Jan 11 2018


PS4 4.05 UI Mod™ alpha 0.16 by e✘treme

Visual PS4 UI Mod on Firmware 4.05 – Custom Home Menu

Yesterday I have updated my 1.76 PS4. I have tested the Database and it seem you have to use your own app.db on 4.05, so I decided not to upload version 0.16 yet but you can see my Mod is complete now.

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  1. e✘treme

  2. florynmadrid

    Video instaling?I have 4.05 .  Un tutorial detaliado como puedo poner ?!

  3. alaa

    niiiice thanks

  4. LegentOfDragonS

    wow!! is cool friend good job!

  5. toohat

    Great job!Also where can I download this?

  6. mavibir


  7. e✘treme

    Soon I will make a tutorial for everyone to make a Visual Custom Home Menu but you have to edit your own Database (app.db). A Modding Packet is prepared…

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