PS4 5.05 UI Mod BACKUP by e✘treme


This is a PS4 Backup (archive.dat) to restore on a 5.05 PS4. Note: You will lost your data if you want to use this Backup !

Copy PS4\EXPORT\BACKUP\201807052350_00\archive.dat to a USB device (FAT32/exFAT). Go to Settings -> System -> Back Up and Restore -> Restore PS4 to restore the Backup. After restart of the console you will have the Custom Home Menu on your PS4 🙂

If you want to add your fPKGs to the Homebrew folder you have to edit your app.db (Tutorial: Custom Location). You have to launch each installed app, then change dispLocation -> 6 again.

Everything of my UI Mod 0.5 will be restored, except the User Avatar and Background Music.

Backup Features:

– Backup made on 5.05 (clean)
– Backup for English (UK) and German (DE) System Languages
– Installed fPKGs: UI Mod 0.5 Dummy | SNES STATION

UI Mod Features:

★ Transparent Content Icons
★ Invisible Content Icons
★ Custom App Location
★ System App Enabled
★ Custom Title Names

Download (UK)
Download (DE)
Download (Avatar + BGM)

Do not change the System Language or it will change the Title Names.



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4 thoughts on “PS4 5.05 UI Mod BACKUP by e✘treme

  • e✘treme
    6. July 2018 at 0:10

    I have fixed 1 mistake and uploaded the backup again. Seems everything is correct now. Later I will make a backup for german language. I hope you like it, this is the best way to share my Custom Home Menu at the moment. You will not have to edit the Database anymore (only if you want to add apps to the Homebrew folder).

    Info: It will not work correct if you install this backup on a other Firmware than 5.05.

  • KeeperDY
    6. July 2018 at 8:11


  • e✘treme
    8. July 2018 at 9:06

    Thanks to Joonie86 ‏for testing my backup on 5.05 😎

    I was not 100% sure if it will show the Custom Home Menu correct on a other PS4.

    Now I’m working on a activated backup for my UI Mod. But seems nobody is interested in such stuff.

  • 15. July 2018 at 6:53

    Hola me gustaria saber massobre este proyecto gracias

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