Feb 03 2018


PS4 Fake Package Database

A lot of people are dumping their PS4 Games and have created Fake PKGs for the Scene.

In this Database you find PS4 Games, PS2 Games, Apps, Homebrew and Themes to run on a 4.05 PS4. I have used the CUSA Lookup to get infos about each PKG. Thanks to all people who have created Fake PKGs.

>> Database <<


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  1. random guy

    Ein Upload bei Mega oder Google Drive aller Spiele wäre super habe so meine Probleme mit Torrents/ P2P…

  2. gumper03

    The Fake PKG link for Minecraft no longer works

  3. e✘treme

    That’s a problem, we need someone with a huge server to host the PKGs. It’s sensless to add more links to the Database if it go down soon.

    It would be a big help if someone can upload all files to a server.

  4. gumper03

    What is the difference between this listing here and this one here?

    I’ve download the Minecraft PKG from the other database and some other games. But they have the required FW higher then 4.05 right? So how do you play them?

  5. e✘treme

    The difference is that you can only run the fake PKGs on a hacked 4.05 PS4. The other (retail) PKGs of the official Database are only playable on your PS4 if you have bougt them.

    The content of a fake PKG is a decrypted backup and the content of a retail PKG is encrypted so you would need some keys to modify a retail PKG.

  6. gumper03

    Ahh. I see. I guess that explains the issue I’ve been having. So is there any way to decrypt them? Will something like this work?

  7. gumper03

    Hmm seems has if that isn’t all of it and doesn’t cover the decryping part.

    I’m figuring it out piece by piece. Let me know if this is correct.

    From what I gather, you have to dump the game files and decrypt them by doing this and you have to do it from the game disc running in the system at the time. Then you have to fake sign it and generate the fake PKG file doing this and then you can install the PKG file via the Debug menu. Right?

  8. random guy

    The Bloodborne fake pkg is not working for mei can install it and it has no lock signe but if im trying to launch it i get an error(NP-34927-5).

  9. e✘treme

    A few PKGs need a fix but the link for the Bloodbourne fix is already down like the most fake PKGs.

    Maybe somene can buy a fex.net package or share a server with a few people to storage all the fake PKG files.

  10. e✘treme

    I have started to add Mirrors, Fixes and Patches, btw the most PKGs are uploaded on share-online.biz I recommend to buy a account.

  11. concretecork

    I do not have a public server. But i certainly can help keep these going strong as I have with numerous ps3 scene files in the past. PM extreme . They seem to all be coming down everywhere.

  12. SuperNova97

    was ist das für n mist wenn alles nur bei share-online gehostet wird


    uploaded oder zippyshare viel besser

  13. wolfsstolz

    jep. zippyshare, uploaded oder mdega sowie googole drive wäre klasse und so wäre immer gleich backups da, rotzdem danke

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