Nov 27 2017


PS4 GameDump Title Editor by Ginsor

Today Ginsor has released a new Editor for the GameDump Payload to change the Title ID.
This might be very interesting for those, who can’t compile their own payloads, as you can use that tool to adjust the payload to the Title ID of the game you want to backup.

He made this handy tool exclusively for PS4 eXtreme Modding 😎
Note that the payload itself is still the one of CTurt and all credits for that go to him !

Short Instruction of the Editor:

1. Select the GameDump Payload.
2. Let the tool find the current Title ID, which is set in the Payload.
3. Type in the new Title ID and apply it to the payload.

Tutorial of how to dump a Game:

– Change the payload according to the Game/App you want to backup (e.g. NPXS29005 for OMSK)
– Make sure you have the Game/App already installed and playable on your PS4
– Open the PS4 WebKit and run the code execution until it says „waiting for payload“ ( ! do not send the payload yet ! )
– Press the PS button and launch the Game/App and wait until all loading screens are finished
– Make sure you have a usb flash plugged in at usb0 (the one closer to the disc drive) and it is formated in either FAT32 or exFAT
– Send the payload to your PS4 while the Game/App is running (e.g. with Game Dumper 007 of OhcHIT)

After a few minutes you should have the dumped and decrypted files on your USB flash drive.
Once this is done, restart your PS4 and grab all files from the sandbox via FTP.
Now you can launch that dumped Game/App with via the kernel hook method.


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  1. e✘treme

    Article edited, thanks to Ginsor for the proper text.

  2. Ginsor

    I hope it helps those people who cant compile payloads, and saves time for the ones that can 🙂

  3. IIL_

    Ginsor can you send me a private message?

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