Mar 21 2016


PS4_DEV – Tools and File Collection for your PlayStation 4

nas – Proxima – flatz – CTurt – Red-EyeX32 – SKFU – fail0verflow – bigboss – Zer0xFF – kR105 – fx0day – Specter – Fire30 – m0rph3us1987 – lezek20 – ds4user – maxtron – harlequin – Wildcard – zecoxao – zil0g80 – j0lama – qwertyoruiopz – 2much4u – MsKx – idc – masterzorag – Tuxick – ZeraTron – TheoryWrong – Dev_Shootz – Tustin – 0x199

Files: 115 | Size: 8,8 GB



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  1. e✘treme

    lol mir war in der Nachtschicht langweilig, da hab ich eine Kollektion mit wichtigen Dateien zusammengestellt.

    Ein Fortschritt wird sich bald zeigen.

  2. chiefkrazz

    hey bro ur shit is so sick … first im sorry for my english im from montreal canada i speak french but can u help me for jailbreak my ps4 and instal ur sick mod ps4?

  3. e✘treme

    Hi, it’s a kernel hack, no jailbreak and if you mean the Custom Home Menu Mod, it’s only other text/icon. You need to edit the app.db file, if you have a 1.76 PS4 I can help you, please send me a private message.

  4. chiefkrazz

    wtf lol

  5. e✘treme

    So what shall I help you ? What do you want to do ? You talk of my mod but I don’t have released anything.

  6. francilord95

    can I have the password to extract the archives .rar

  7. e✘treme

    Sorry, Password is only for trusted Members and Sceners !

  8. e✘treme

    Someone released the private password ! So you can trust nobody ! All files removed, will not add more for you guys 😉

  9. e✘treme

    Ok, I have decided to make this without password. Uploading all files again…

    …all files are online now.

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