PS4DLL RTM, a simple way to code your own C# tool

Today I bring you a C# library wich allow you to code easely your RTM tool for Playstation 4. This library include the PS4Lib by BISOON but also include something new like an adresses library.

In this Library you will be allow to put your own offset and bytes like you can see on the pictures so it will be very easy to code your tool and share your offsets with the rest of the community.


I share this project in open source and I have included a sample to help to understand how it work. You can create the most complete library for your RTM Tool, I left some exemple on the library like the offset I use on BO3 1.23 & 1.26.

You can also grab offsets from .cht files and include them in the library to code your own tool.

Dll + Sample + more informations :  here


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